4 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring an Auto Accident Lawyer

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auto accident lawyerApproximately 660,000 drivers in America are using a cell phone or manipulating another electronic device while on the road at any given moment. So the likelihood of a car accident, while it may not be your fault, is particularly high.

And in the event that you do end up in a car accident, it’s important to know a thing or two about legal services beforehand. So to help you prepare, here are four things you absolutely need to know before you hire an auto accident lawyer.

Initial Consultations Are Typically Free
There are people out there who won’t reach out to a lawyer at all because they believe it will be too expensive. But a good car accident attorney will typically offer a free initial consultation in which they’ll discuss the basic information surrounding your case and whether or not you actually have a case that needs representation.

Never Underestimate Experience
Experience is arguably the most important factor to consider in your decision to hire an auto accident lawyer. The vast majority of good lawyers will limit their practice to one or two specific types of law, such as DUI laws or personal injury. When you’re hiring a lawyer for a car accident, make sure they have adequate experience in that field.

Ambulance Chasers Are Bad News
This practice isn’t ethical, and in many cases it’s not legal, either. If a lawyer approaches you at the scene of your accident and offers their services, don’t take advantage of that. Ambulance chasing is intensely frowned upon in the legal community.

Know What You’re Paying for
An initial consultation might be free, but any services rendered afterward are not. Before you enter into any sort of contract with your personal injury lawyer, make sure you’re 100% aware of the fees you’ll be paying. A good lawyer will be honest and up-front with you about those matters.

No matter the injury or accident, make sure you’re keeping these four things in mind if you ever need to hire a lawyer.

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