When to Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

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Personal injury, whether it’s due to lack of property maintenance, serious negligence in a product’s quality assurance, a car accident, or even a workplace accident, is never easy to handle alone. Unfortunately, a personal injury claim can be equally difficult to navigate by yourself, often leaving you in pain and financial stress.

The skills of a personal injury lawyer come into play during cases like these. In the following situations, you should always consult a personal injury attorney:

When an Insurance Company Won’t Pay Up

Sometimes, regardless of your physical or financial situation, an insurance company may refuse to pay what you’re entitled to. Especially in cases where income is lost or your sustained injuries are long-term or debilitating, you will want to contact a personal injury lawyer right away.

Not being compensated fairly is also an issue. Contact an attorney if your insurance settlement hasn’t rewarded you properly.

Long-Term or Disabling Injuries

Some accidents can have more long-term effects than others. A fall that damages just the right parts of the body can cause serious nerve damage or even paralyze a victim. Such a serious injury affects more than just your well being. It affects your finances and employer as well. A disability lawyer or personal injury attorney can help maximize your potential claim.

Severe Injuries

Your compensation often depends on how bad your injuries prove to be. Medical bills, recovery time, time away from work, and other losses are all factors that contribute to the amount that you can receive from your claim.

However, every potential claim’s range starts at zero. As your potential compensation grows, the range in which the compensation can fall becomes wider as well. Essentially, the bigger your case promises to be, the more uncertainty you face. A disability attorney or personal injury lawyer can help make sure your compensation falls at the higher end of that range.

If you have been wronged by your insurance company, a government agency, or if your settlement is being undermined regardless of the severity of you injuries, the Glenn Martin Hammond Law Offices can help you find the justice you deserve. Don’t forget, between 95 to 96% of personal injury cases are settled before going to court. For a free consultation, call (866) 448-7777.

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