Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse

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Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse

Nursing home abuse page 18782013_ml-300x199(1)The frightening thought of an elder loved one being abused or neglected is intolerable. Unfortunately, many seniors who reside in nursing homes or other long term care facilities are routinely subjected to abuse and neglect by those who are supposed to be their advocates and caregivers. If you suspect that a member of your family has suffered because of the carelessness or misconduct of those nursing home employees to whom you entrusted their care, you have the right to help them seek financial compensation for their pain and suffering. Our team is here to advocate for you. Contact us below for a FREE case consultation.


Advocating for Seniors and Their Families in Cases of Nursing Home Neglect

The best way to obtain a favorable outcome when filing a claim against a nursing home is to retain an experienced Kentucky nursing home neglect attorney. At Glenn Martin Hammond Law Offices PLLC, we can help you stand up for your loved one’s rights and ensure that they do not become another silent victim of cruelty and abuse at the hands of their so-called caregivers.

Learn to Recognize Possible Signs of Neglect or Abuse of a Loved One

Seniors are among those members of society who are least able to advocate for themselves. Nursing home staff may try to brush off residents’ complaints of neglect as being nothing more than expressions of confusion or incipient dementia. This is why it is important that family members educate themselves about what to look for when it comes to indications of possible neglect or abuse of an elder family member residing in a nursing home. A loved one that exhibits unexplained injuries, poor hygiene, or sudden behavioral changes may well be a victim of caregiver negligence or misconduct. If a caregiver refuses to leave you alone with your family member when you are visiting or denies your request to see your family member during a facility’s official visiting hours, you are right to be suspicious that something untoward is taking place.

We can help you evaluate evidence of possible abuse or neglect and explore your legal options for holding nursing home staff accountable if your concerns are validated. We encourage you to learn more about possible signs of abuse or neglect if you have an elder family member residing in a nursing home. By removing a loved one from a long term care facility and initiating legal action as soon as your suspicions of neglect are confirmed, you’re not just protecting them: you’re also decreasing the likelihood that other innocent residents will be subjected to the same treatment. Talk to us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Call (606) 437-7777 and speak to a seasoned Kentucky nursing home neglect attorney today if you have reason to believe that a parent, grandparent, or other senior loved one has been a victim of professional negligence or abuse.

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