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If due to an illness or injury you are no longer able to work, you have the option of applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. When you contact the Glenn Martin Hammond Law Offices, we can assist you in getting the benefits you so rightly deserve. There are, or can be, several steps and/or hoops to jump through, however, you need to concentrate on getting your quality of life back and let us take care of the legal side of things. If you are suffering an injury or illness that is keeping you from working, let us fight for you to get the support you deserve. Contact our team below for a FREE consultation.


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If you are a resident of the State of Kentucky who has been employed in the past but is currently unable to work due to a permanent or temporary disability of a physical or mental nature, you have the option of applying for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. SSDI is a federal program that allots cash payments to Americans whose disabilities meet the criteria of the Social Security Administration. Unfortunately, the application process is sufficiently complex that most of those individuals who are seeking SSDI benefits for the first time have their application denied. Sometimes this is due to technical reasons (such as having an insufficiently robust employment history or omitting required information from an application), but often these denials are due to applicants having failed to adequately document the true extent of their disabilities and their impact on their ability to work.

Helping Disabled Clients Get the SSDI Benefits They Deserve

If you are filing an SSDI application for the first time or are wondering how to proceed after having had your application for SSDI benefits denied, you should consider scheduling a consultation with a knowledgeable Kentucky Social Security Disability Insurance attorney as soon as possible. We maximize your chances of having your initial application accepted or having a denied application accepted at some stage of the appeals process. Schedule an appointment with our office today to learn more about how we can help you get the benefits you deserve if you are no longer able to work because of a serious disability.

Getting Real Results During the Appeals Process

If you’ve had an application rejected for non-technical reasons, don’t despair: you’re in good company. Most of those individuals who go on to appeal their application with the aid of a skilled SSDI lawyer eventually meet with success. Unfortunately, many people quickly give up after having received notification that their application has been denied, or else simply fill out a new application with equally dismal results. At Glenn Martin Hammond Law Offices, PLLC, we can help you secure a hearing with an administrative law judge after a denial of an application, during which time you will have the opportunity to make your case in person. By coaching you ahead of time as to how to present your case in the best possible light, we can greatly increase your chances of having your application accepted at this hearing. In fact, those who retain legal representation to assist them in filing or appealing an SSDI claim are twice as likely to get their benefits eventually approved than those who do not.

Don’t take chances with your financial stability if you are suffering from a disability that is preventing you from working: talk to a seasoned Disability Attorney in Georgetown & Lexington, KY today. Call (606) 437-7777 or fill out the contact form provided here.

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