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Work Injuries page 20454427_l-300x198(2)The workers’ compensation system is designed to protect both employers and employees in the event of an unfortunate accident. If you are injured in the workplace, under the worker’s compensation system you have the right to file a claim even if you yourself caused your accident (unless drugs or alcohol were a contributing factor). Your employer, on the other hand, is protected from litigation: you usually can’t sue your boss directly following a workplace injury regardless of how much their negligence or misconduct may have contributed to causing your accident. This system works well when the injuries concerned are relatively minor and when employers and claims examiners act in good faith. However, if your injuries were fairly severe or if you are engaged in a dispute with your employer and their insurance company about the validity of your claim, you should consider scheduling a consultation with a knowledgeable Kentucky workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible. If you have been hurt on the job, contact our team at Glenn Martin Hammond Law for a FREE consultation and let us get you the support you deserve.


Understanding the Workers’ Compensation System

At Glenn Martin Hammond Law Offices, PLLC, we can help you understand your legal options and your rights during the claims process and make sure that you are not being deprived of benefits unjustly. Make an appointment with us today to find out more about the workers’ compensation system and how we can help protect you following a grave workplace injury.

Aggressive Legal Representation for Victims of Workplace Accidents

In some cases, there are third parties who can be held liable for an injurious workplace accident. For example, if you were injured by a piece of machinery that malfunctioned, was defective, or was somehow otherwise unsafe to use, you have the option of filing a suit against the manufacturer of this equipment. If you were injured in a car wreck on company time due to another driver’s carelessness or recklessness, you similarly have the option of filing a claim against them as well as seeking remediation through the workers’ compensation system. It may not always be immediately obvious who is responsible for a severe workplace injury. A skilled workers’ compensation attorney can help you establish whom you can hold liable for your injuries and assist you in seeking compensation from each of them. You have the right as a victim of a workplace accident to the maximum amount of compensation legally allowable under Kentucky state law. Talk to us today about the possibility of filing third party lawsuits related to your workplace injury. We’ll do everything possible to help you get the benefits and damages you deserve so you can concentrate on your recovery instead of fretting about unpaid bills and lost wages.

Mining Injury and Accident Attorney

Unfortunately, those individuals who do the important work of mining in Kentucky are regularly subjected to the possibility of illness or injury, especially when employers and mine owners are negligent and ignore safety concerns for the sake of their bottom line.

If you are a coal miner, you have one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. Coal mining is an essential part of keeping our nation’s economy strong and our domestic energy supply intact. When tragedy strikes, a dedicated coal mining injuries attorney can be instrumental in getting sick or injured miners the compensation they deserve.

Filing a workers’ compensation claim is only one way for coal miners to recover damages related to accidents or occupational diseases. If your employer was aware of breaches of safety regulations or of existing dangerous conditions in the mine where you are employed but willfully ignored them, you may be able to file a deliberative intent lawsuit against them and obtain compensation beyond that to which you are entitled to under the Kentucky workers’ compensation system. Similarly, property owners and equipment manufacturers do not enjoy the same immunity from civil litigation that employers do when it comes to mining illnesses or injuries and can be held accountable in court for their negligence or misconduct. Schedule a consultation with us as soon as possible after you have been injured in a workplace accident or are experiencing symptoms that may be related to an occupational illness.

Holding Mine Owners Accountable for Workers’ Injuries and Occupational Illnesses

Accidents in coal mines can take many forms. These include injurious explosions related to dust or gas, flooding, collapses, and leaks of naturally occurring toxic substances. Workers can also be exposed to the hazardous chemicals that are utilized in mining or be crushed or maimed by unsafe equipment. Occupational diseases, another common problem for mine workers, can take a long time to become manifest. By the time that the signs and symptoms of illnesses such as black lung disease, lung cancer, asthma, COPD, and hypertension become evident, miners may already be well on their way toward a decreased quality of life and shorter lifespan. There is simply no excuse for mine owners and operators to cut corners when it comes to the safety of those they employ and increase the likelihood of them becoming victims of these kinds of injuries and illnesses. Make an appointment to speak with us immediately if you are thinking about filing either a workers’ compensation claim or a third party claim related to an workplace injury or occupational disease. We’ll fight for your right to receive the maximum compensation for your ordeal allowable under Kentucky law.

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