How and When to Apply for Social Security Benefits

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social security lawyerBelieve it or not, approximately 64% of beneficiaries received half of their income from Social Security in 2013 alone. Fortunately, applying for those benefits isn’t all that difficult.

Despite the number of application options available to those who wish to apply for Social Security, it can still be a confusing process of knowing when to apply. Whether you’ve been talking with a social security lawyer or have no idea what to do, here’s a short guide to help you out.

Determine Your Eligibility
You first need to consider whether or not you’re actually eligible to receive such benefits before you can think about applying. To become eligible, you need to have reached a certain age or be determined to have a disability that would allow you to start collecting social security benefits. The disability may be the result of a case involving a car accident lawyer or even a separate case with a disability lawyer. However, no matter your age, you must have at least 40 Social Security “credits” before you can officially apply.

How to Apply
Fortunately, there are a number of options available for you to apply. Thanks to technology, you can apply for Social Security online and over the phone. Many people also prefer to visit their local Social Security office in person.

Health Problems
As previously stated, a disability or other health issues can force you into retirement early. In these situations, it’s important to speak to a disability attorney or a Social Security attorney to learn more about these issues. Social security disability benefits operate in much the same way, but different criteria must be fulfilled to apply. Your Social Security lawyer can help you navigate this process.

Working While Receiving Social Security
Contrary to popular belief, you can still work part time while receiving Social Security. However, this may reduce your annual benefits, depending on your circumstances.

There’s a lot to learn about Social Security, but once you’ve discussed matters with an expert, you should be ready to apply.

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