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A medical malpractice case is a special kind of personal injury case, for several reasons:

  • It represents a breach of trust. We trust medical professionals with our health and our very lives, and it is frightening to realize that you were injured by a careless doctor or other healthcare professional.
  • Medical malpractice is often difficult to detect without expert investigation — after all, if you were already sick, how do you know whether a decline in your condition represents medical malpractice or the natural progression of the disease?
  • Medical malpractice claims are often scientifically complex, requiring the testimony of expert witnesses to establish liability.
  • Doctors fight hard against medical malpractice claims, even when they were clearly at fault, because they consider such claims to be an assault upon their reputation.

None of this should discourage you from pursuing a Kentucky medical malpractice claim against a doctor whose negligence harmed you. You are the one who is suffering, and you are the one who is entitled to full compensation — and that usually means a lot more than simple reimbursement for your medical expenses. To win a claim, however, you are almost certainly going to need the services of an experienced medical malpractice attorney such as Glenn Martin Hammond.

The Role of Expert Witnesses

To win a medical malpractice claim, you must prove:

(i) the existence of a doctor-patient relationship;
(ii) the professional standard of care that your doctor was obligated to comply with;
(iii) the violation of that standard of care by your doctor;
(iv) the fact that you were injured or harmed in some way; and
(v) the harm that came to you was caused by your doctor’s failure to comply with the applicable standard of care.

Most medical malpractice claims revolve around elements (ii) and (iii) above — and proving these elements almost always requires the testimony of expert medical witnesses. These witnesses are almost always either doctors, or former doctors who make their living serving as expert witnesses. In case you are worried that you can’t afford to pay an expert witness, remember — we work on a contingency basis, which means that you owe us nothing unless you win.

The Sooner You Contact Us, the Better Your Chances Will Be

In a medical malpractice case, it’s not just a matter of winning or losing — it’s also a matter of how much you win. Walking away with $200,000, for example, is a lot different from walking away with $30,000. Although we are not in a position to guarantee specific results, we are in a position to guarantee that we will fight hard to make sure you receive every dime you are entitled to — and that could be a lot more than you think.

If you suspect that you may have been victimized by medical malpractice, contact Glenn Martin Hammond Law Office PLLC today so that we can listen to your story and discuss your options.Schedule a free consultation by calling us at (866) 448-7777 or contacting us online. If your injuries are serious enough to prevent you from traveling, we can come to wherever you are. We serve clients throughout Lexington, Kentucky including Picadome, Beaumont Park, Harrods Hill and elsewhere

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