The North Broadway and West New Circle Road Intersection

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For those who live in Lexington, it is not difficult to understand why the North Broadway/New Circle Road intersection is one of the most dangerous in the city. New Circle Road circles much of Lexington (hence the name), with a speed limit of 55 mph for most of its length. Although the speed limit is lowered to 45 mph near the intersection with North Broadway, many drivers do not slow down.

Broadway (north and south) is perhaps the most traveled major thoroughfare in the Lexington urban area outside of the beltways and the interstate highways. Moreover, southbound drivers on North Broadway approaching New Circle Road are often coming straight from the I-64/I-75 exit ramp, where they have been traveling at 55 to 70 mph.

28 car accidents were recorded at or near this intersection in 2017. The intersection was redesigned as a “double diamond” to relieve traffic congestion and reduce accidents, and the number of accidents has been decreasing since then.


It’s not just whether you win or lose — it’s how much you end up with in damages. And most claimants who represent themselves or are represented by substandard counsel, end up receiving far less than the true value of their claim. Following are some components of the damages that you might be entitled to:

  • Medical expenses;
  • Lost earnings;
  • The cost of a replacement vehicle or rental car;
  • Child care while you were unable to take care of your children;
  • Pain and suffering and other psychological offering that arise from your injury (which could amount to far more than the amount awarded for medical expenses); and
  • Loss of consortium — loss of affection, companionship, services, sexual relations, etc. (this claim is filed by your spouse, not you).

The sooner you begin preparing your claim, the better your chances of victory will be. If you have been injured in a car accident on North Broadway, New Circle Road or elsewhere in Lexington, KY, call Kentucky car accident lawyer Glenn Martin Hammond ASAP at (606) 437-7777 or by filling out our online contact form, so that we can schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with you.

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