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Your decision to retain an attorney, and which one to retain, are likely to be the two most important decisions you will make regarding your auto accident claim. Try not to think exclusively in terms of winning and losing – after all, there is a difference between “winning” $1,000 and winning $100,000. Retaining an experienced car accident lawyer to represent you could very well increase your compensation far beyond the amount of legal fees you pay.

Don’t worry that you can’t afford us, because we won’t charge you a dime until your case is won. And if you lose, our services will be free of charge – after all, why should we be paid unless we produce results? We don’t worry about going bankrupt this way, because we win almost all of our cases. You won’t owe us anything until your money actually arrives.

What Glenn Martin Hammond Can Do for You

Why do you need a lawyer for a car accident? Well, if it was a fender bender then maybe you don’t. But if your losses were significant, things are going to get complicated, at least if you want to secure fair compensation. This is what Kentucky car accident lawyer Glen Martin Hammond can do for you:

Gather evidence: Gathering evidence means a lot more than simply obtaining a police report. In some cases, it might even mean retaining the services of an accident reconstruction expert. One of the most difficult aspects of gathering evidence is making sure that it complies with the Kentucky Rules of Evidence, which exclude all sorts of evidence that you might not suspect.

Fight back against allegations of comparative negligence: Your compensation will be reduced if the accident is found to be partly your fault. And insurance companies are experts at “finding” fault in an accident scenario to reduce their payout.

Negotiate with the defendant or the insurance company: Insurance adjusters negotiate claims for a living – in fact, you could even call them professional negotiators. Instead of negotiating your claim with a professional negotiator, let Glenn Martin Hammond, another professional negotiator, do it for you.

File a formal complaint with the court: Even if your case is eventually settled out of court (as most claims are), you may very well be forced to file a formal complaint at some point, if for no other reason than to motivate the defendant to issue a fair settlement offer. Formal complaints are subject to strict formal requirements, and every word matters

Win at trial: Although we try to keep our clients out of court, some of our cases are resolved that way – and our track record is fearsome to opponents. It is important even during negotiations to maintain a credible threat of taking your claim to trial, in order to protect your bargaining position. And if a trial does become necessary, you will definitely need a lawyer.

Time Will be Against You Unless You Act Quickly

Kentucky’s statute of limitations period for filing a car accident lawsuit is only two years. Don’t let the glue of circumstance harden around your feet — contact Kentucky personal injury lawyer Glenn Martin Hammond immediately by calling (606) 437-7777 or by filling out our online contact form. We serve clients throughout Lexington including Winburn, Woodhill, Southland, Tates Creek and elsewhere.

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