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Millions of people in the US become dependent on Social Security benefits when they become disabled to the extent that they are unable to work. Every state, including Kentucky, maintains its own Social Security Administration (SSA) bureaucracy. Unfortunately, the system is so complex and contains so many intricacies that can be downright mystifying to the uninitiated. At Glenn Martin Hammond Law, PLLC, we understand these intricacies, and we can help ensure that you are treated fairly.

What We Can Do for You

Space does not permit us to list every single way in which we can help you maximize your chances of obtaining full benefits. Nevertheless, a we list below a few of the services that we can provide for you:

  • Act as your legal representative: Once you name us as your representative, the SSA will no longer contact you without contacting us first — and we know how to handle them..
  • Help you navigate the system: A mistake in dealing with the SSA can be costly — missing a deadline, for example, could prove fatal to your claim. We won’t let that happen.
  • Maximize the odds that your initial disability application will be accepted, by helping you prepare a strong application.
  • Represent you at a hearing before an administrative law judge, if your initial application is denied. Indeed, about 70 percent of initial applications are denied — but that doesn’t have to be the end of the story. If you appeal, you can be granted a hearing, and we will be more than happy to represent you there. We can also help you prepare for your hearing so that you will be able to convince the judge to overrule the initial denial of your application.

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When dealing with a government bureaucracy, the most effective strategy is to act quickly, decisively and aggressively. Contact Glenn Martin Hammond Law Office PLLC to schedule a free consultation so that we can discuss your options. We can be reached by calling (866) 448-7777 or by contacting us online. If your disability renders it impossible for you to come to see us, we will come to you.

We serve clients throughout Lexington, Kentucky including Woodland Park, Bryan Station, Westmoreland and elsewhere.

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