The West Loudon and North Broadway Intersection

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Only three roads appear at least twice on the list of Lexington’s 10 most dangerous intersections, and there is only one place where any two of these roads meet. That intersection, West Loudon and North Broadway, has been listed by the Kentucky State Police as the most dangerous intersection in Lexington, as well as the second most dangerous intersection in Kentucky.

It is particularly prone to pedestrian accidents — for example, during a six-hour span on November 11, 2014, two different pedestrian accidents occurred at this intersection. These tragedies followed a month after another pedestrian was killed at the same intersection after being struck by two successive vehicles. Accidents typically occur when pedestrians crossing West Loudon are struck by cars traveling on North Broadway.

Should I Settle or Sue?

In most cases, settlement is the better alternative — but there is no reason why you cannot do both. What often happens is that the injured claimant opens settlement negotiations with the insurance company, the insurance company balks at paying fair compensation, the injured claimant files a lawsuit, the insurance company’s attitude improves markedly, and the claim is settled before trial.

Insurance companies just love claimants who do not understand the true value of their claim — and they are full of tricks to fool you into walking out of negotiations with a smile on your face and half the amount your claim is really worth. Let Glenn Martin Hammond do the negotiating for you.

“But I Can’t Afford to Pay a Lawyer…”

How much money do you need in your bank account to retain Glenn Martin Hammond as your personal injury attorney? Actually, the figure is quite precise — $0.00. We charge no upfront fees, and will will not charge you anything, ever, unless we win your claim. Even then, your bill will not come due until the money actually arrives. The amount will be calculated as a percentage of your recovery so that you are guaranteed to come out ahead.

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