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The state of Kentucky offers a way to recover compensation for just about any type of injury you may have suffered that resulted from someone else’s misconduct. Winchester, KY personal injury lawyer Glen Martin Hammond has recovered a multitude of settlements and verdicts for injured victims who were in a position very similar to the position you are probably in today. Let us do the fighting for you while you concentrate on recovering from your injuries.

Beware the Statute of Limitations Deadline

Every state sets a deadline by which you must file a lawsuit over a personal injury claim. You don’t have to win the lawsuit by the deadline, only file one. Of course, you can also resolve your claim by signing a private settlement agreement before the deadline.

In Kentucky, the statute of limitations deadlines for personal injury are:

  • General personal injury deadline: One year after the accident.
  • Deadline for filing a property damage lawsuit: Two years after the accident.
  • Personal injury claims arising from a motor vehicle accident: Two years after the accident or your last payment on your personal injury protection (PIP) insurance premium, if you have PIP insurance.
  • Wrongful death claims: One year after the death of the victim.
    Personal injury claims in which the victim is a minor: When the minor turns 20.

Since certain exceptions and complexities apply, consult with your lawyer if you have concerns about this matter. Remember, if you miss the deadline, your claim will almost certainly die immediately.

If the Accident Was Partly Your Fault

Theoretically, Kentucky personal injury law allows you to claim compensation even if the accident was partly your fault. A court will assign both drivers a percentage of fault and subtract the respective percentages from each driver’s damages. If the accident was mostly your fault, however, or if the other driver suffered higher damages than you did, you could end up with a net loss. Otherwise, you will probably still recover something, although the amount will be reduced.

Act Quickly

Opposing parties tend to become a lot more cooperative once they know that you have retained a top-tier personal injury lawyer to represent you. Don’t let evolving circumstances box you in — — contact Winchester, KY personal injury lawyer Glenn Martin Hammond immediately by calling (606) 437-7777 or by filling out our online form. We serve clients throughout Winchester, KY including Greenfield, Verna Hills, Southwind and elsewhere.

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