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Once upon a time, if you became disabled and unable to work, your only alternative to destitution would have been to rely on the support or relatives and friends. In modern times, the US Social Security Administration provides a financial safety net for people who are unable to support themselves due to a disability. That’s the way the system is supposed to work, anyway.

The problem is that the Social Security disability programs, SSI and SSDI, are complex, impersonal bureaucracies that all too often treat individual people and their concerns as nothing more than case numbers. Unless you know the Social Security disability system inside and out (as we do), it could be difficult for you to secure fair compensation. At Glenn Martin Hammond Law Office PLLC, however, we know how to help you fight back.

Preparing a Strong Application

Two types of Social Security disability benefits exist — SSDI (Social Security Disability) and SSI (Supplemental Security Income). Both of these program are subject to medical and financial eligibility requirements. When disputes arise, they often revolve around ambiguous language and concepts in the regulatory requirements such as:

  • Your disability must be classified as “severe”, in the sense that it must “substantially” limit your ability to perform the basic activities required for most occupations.
  • Your disability must (i) qualify under a Social Security impairment listing, or (ii) make it impossible for you to either return to your previous occupations or even work in a less demanding occupation.
  • You must meet certain standards concerning your work history (for SSDI), or your assets and income must fall below very low maximums (for SSI).

Although other requirements apply as well, we can help you prepare an initial application that will minimize your chances of being denied.

Appealing an Adverse Decision

Unfortunately, most initial Social Security disability applications (around 70 percent) are denied. That rejection doesn’t have to be final, however, as long as you can secure a hearing and convince the judge to reverse the rejection decision based on sound reasoning, admissible evidence and persuasive advocacy. And that is exactly what we are trained to do.

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